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Purple garlic

ajo moradoOur main product and our greatest source of pride is the Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras .

Rarely nature combines such wisdom, quqlities, health and taste like it does in this excellente variety that also is unique in the world and belonging to our land. By its organoleptic and therapeutic properties, our garlic with Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I) "Purple Garlice from Las Pedroñeras” is considered the best garlic in the world.

Among the medicinal properties that can highlight this garlic has the ability to boost the immune system, its diuretic effects, anticoagulants and mucolytic, its ability to act as a regulator of excess blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and prevents erectile dysfunction.

Not only is it famous for its medicinal properties, but also it has an aroma and flavor like no one else, which makes it one of the main pillars of the famous Mediterranean diet.