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Coopaman, comprometidos con el medio ambiente

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Coopaman S.C.L.


    • We know very well where we come from and where we are going to. COOPAMAN consists of land workers. Local laborers who know the importance that our environment had for our ancestors, it has for us now and will continue having for our children and the signifcance of its preservation
    • This region, hard and rough as few, is perfect for growing our product. So we must respect it and preserve it. We must ensure that our children continue enjoying our products and -above all- our land; the same one which one day inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write the adventures of Don Quixote. A land overflowing history.
    • With this target in mind, we have defined COOPAMAN guidelines to protect the environment during the development of our activities, in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, to ensure that each of our cooperatives comply with the environmental legislation which concerns us. We identify and assess the environmental aspects of every activity we do and establish a series of prevention and control measures in order to minimize the environmental aspects and the impact that our work may cause.
    • But we do not stop there. All principles adopted by COOPAMAN are promoted among all our partners, suppliers and subcontractors to help protecting nature, and making also available to everyone our environmental policy, which is regularly reviewed according to current legislation and other regulations.


You can download the Environmental Policy document here


In compliance with Law 11/97 about Packaging and Packaging Waste, Coopaman has resorted to the Packaging Waste Management Integrated System (GIS) controlled by ECOEMBES. Therefore, all our cartons are marked with the ECOEMBES logo.