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Coopaman, comprometidos con el medio ambiente

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Laboratory of Coopaman

  • This department produces garlic plants from "in vitro" culture techniques.
  • After the sanitation of some selected bulbs, garlic is multiplied in several cycles, in special and controlled conditions. This process is supervised at all times by field technicians, ensuring the healthiness of the plant material.
  • Since 1996, this department delivers the bulbs to the cooperatives and they distribute them among their partners.
  • This project was born from the need of getting planting garlic to make crops more profitable, as the continued use of the same seed increased the levels of accumulated virosis and a significant decrease ocurred in the production of their crops.
  • Sanitized garlic has growing market demand, since a significant increase in production is achieved. The resulting plant material is free from nematodes and has been subjected to a strict control over the different viruses responsible for the decrease in crop productions.