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Coopaman, comprometidos con el medio ambiente

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Coopaman S.C.L.

Our entreprise

  • Coopaman S.C.L.

Coopaman is a company devoted to the commercialization of garlic. We are made of six cooperatives in the province of Cuenca and a modern and innovative storage and packaging plant located in Albacete.


  • Tradition

Some innovative and modern techniques, an infrastructure in accordance with modern times and a dynamic and entrepreneurial business philosophy to the traditional culture, legacy of generations, we bring to our region a future perspective based on the work and good practices of our farmers since our establishment.


This attitude is reflected in the high distribution of our garlic , especially purple garlic, which surpassed the domestic market from the beginning and has a high demand in the international market to which we export over 70% of our production. This shows the scope of our garlic and our commitment to quality and service throughout the world. And that has led us to be the largest garlic cooperative around the world and the ability to supply all kinds of customers.


  • History

From the very beginning, back to 1986, Coopaman has always been committed to improving the quality of its services and to increasing the range of products and pre-pack options, as well as innovating to get our purple garlic to reach a unique level of quality and flavor.



With over 2000ha cultivated and over 17000 tonnes produced annually, Coopaman has become one of the companies with the greatest future in La Mancha, and this makes us Europe's leading agricultural producers and distributors, employing over 500 workers from rural areas.



The precision and professional attitude we apply to each of the services we offer, allow us to boast the unmatched quality of our product, which our customers enjoy and that has turned us into the first company awarded with the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) "Ajo Morado de Las Pedroñeras".


These are part of the keys to success that have made Coopaman the company of garlic by excellence.

In Coopaman we have established strict environmental, quality and food safety policies and we provide all information about these policies in a series of documents that you will find below:

Environmental Policy

Quality and Food Safety