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Coopaman, comprometidos con el medio ambiente

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One of our main targets at COOPAMAN

igpFor us, quality is the target and the way we work. Since our establishment, quality has become our main hallmark and we apply it to all processes , from production and handling to final delivery to the customer. But we do not stop there, instead we keep improving.

Our procedures and self-imposed targets for the entire process, for each activity and for each campaign, are revised at least once a year, depending on the results of a number of audits and on the customer’s satisfaction evaluation, in order to improve our efficiency.

To establish a continuous improvement, we establish corrective and preventive actions resulting from monitoring all different processes, products and audits; as well as from the information coming from the most important part of our production: our customers.

This is how COOPAMAN works; the only way we know and the way we will continue applying and improving, in order to continue making you get one of the best products from our region: Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras, source of health and taste.


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produccionOur policies on food safety and quality controlled processes involve all our activities to meet the expectations of our customers in accordance with current legislation and regulations, with maximum respect for the environment...

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manipulacionThe handling of the garlic that we have implemented in COOPAMAN, based in our BRC certification, guarantees the highest quality, hygiene and safety of the product, and it is carried out under controlled environmental conditions.

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